El Software Libre es Político

“Usar software libre como sistema operativo es una declración política que indica a las corporaciones y creadores de software propietario que hay otro camino”

Este es un muy buen post escrito desde el blog “I Dream Of Linux“, está en ingés, pero vale la pena leerlo

Linux is political!

I have had so many different discussions with people about which computer operating system is the best. Most people that I talk to swear by the one they use. This generally means Windows because it comes pre-installed on people’s machines when they first buy them.

If your debate is about real technical issues, then Linux, Windows and Mac OS all have their strengths and weaknesses. It seems that all three operating systems are great to use depending on what the user needs. However, I do think that an operating system should not be judged solely on its technical strengths and weaknesses but also on its ideology and the way it is developed. This leads us into the debate of proprietary and open source software. Most people that I talk to have very little understanding about what is open source. They do not understand the concept until I further explain it to them or they research it on their own.  Initially they have a lot of questions that they want answered. How can the open source community produce an operating system that is free? Who “owns” Linux? Where do I get it and how come Linux does not advertise as extensively as Apple or Microsoft? People have a hard time understanding that there is no single company behind Linux. They don’t understand that Linux cannot be monopolized like Windows or Mac OS because no single entity owns the Linux source code. When these people realize that there is much more to Linux than its technical strengths and weaknesses, then they really understand its potential to change the software industry.

Open Source is an innovative concept to create software without copyrights and restrictions. Because of the way Linux is developed it is not only an operating system but a political movement as well. No more Bill Gates or Steve Jobs dictating to you what kind of functions you should have or not have and what you as a user need or do not need. Linux gives you pure freedom to download, copy, modify and distribute. This fantastic concept puts Linux far ahead of Windows and Mac OS and when people realize its potential implications they are amazed. The computer software business is no longer what it used to be as it continuously changes and adapts. No more restrictions, limitations and monopolies but only freedom. A lot of individuals are tired of large corporations who try to limit the end user and dictate the terms of use to them. These people use Linux not only because it has many great features and strengths but also as a political statement against the status quo.

Software does not have to be expensive, limiting and restrictive. Using Linux as an operating system is a political statement that tells the large corporations and the creators of restrictive proprietary software that there is a different way.

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